VCN: Removing Small Particles From a Variety of Surfaces

VCN has been shown to remove very small particles from a variety of surfaces. The samples below were cleaned in semi conductor grade SC1 solution (mix of ammonium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide). 50 VCN cycles were run for one minute in the SC1 followed by a 1 minute VCN rinse. The before and after surfaces were examined with a FE-SEM field -emission scanning electron microscope. Before and after pictures of a wafer (left) and a laser cut memory card hole are shown below.

Particulate removal from a VCN cleaned 6″-wafers that was known to contain a number of particulates.

The cleaned vias have demonstrated a significantly cleaner surface area than the uncleaned vias. The walls of the cleaned vias are without particle retention. The floors of the cleaned vias have clearly lost loose material and now appear similar to etched structures.

Since vapor bubbles like to nucleate near crevices, defects or particles, the VCN process is ideal for the removal of laser bonded 3D printed parts. With caustic or acidic solutions, the surfaces can become smooth and particle free. The vias above are less than 100μm demonstrating that VCN can reach very tight spaces.